Terms & Conditions:

    1. The return/exchange policies are eligible with product purchased through Boonthavorn Online Store only.
    2. Please check the product(s) when you receive it and you can reject to receive the product(s) immediately if you find a defect in the product quality issue such as wrong version, wrong color, missing item, or damaged.
    3. If the customer want to return/exchange your product(s), please contact our Customer Service Tel. 02-657-1111 press 2 (Available every day 8.00 a.m.- 5 p.m.).
    4. Boonthavorn will accept returns/exchanges of products within 15 days after product delivery.
    5. Return/exchange can be processed at all Boonthavorn branches.
    6. The Documents is required .
    7. Product must not be damaged, or broken by customer’s action.
    8. Product must be unused, the product brand or price tag must be intact and the product's box or package must be in the complete condition, warranty document, manual and compatible equipment of the product.
    9. Product provided under the condition of promotion such as premium, giveaway, etc. must be returned with the main product(s).
    10. Transportation charge and other fees are non-refundable.
    11. Return/exchange conditions will be investigated by Boonthavorn and manufacturer. Boonthavorn reserves the right to return/exchange product according to the conditions defined. The decision of Boonthavorn shall be final.
    12. Return/exchange inform takes about 7 working days to inspect the product and Boonthavorn will inform the results of product inspection to the customer. (In case of exchange, Boonthavorn Online Store Customer Service will inform the result and make an appointment for the delivery of new product)
    13. If you want to change “Lifestyle” furniture and the product(s) that has been installed or the problem isn’t caused by product itself, the company reserves the rights of any exchanges.
    14. If you want to return “Lifestyle” furniture and the product(s) has been installed or the problem is not caused by product itself, the company reserves the rights to deduct 30% of the product’s price.


    Non-Return / Non Exchange Product

    1. Pre-Order products or the product(s) is delivered within 15-30 working days.
    2. Promotional products and special discounts.
    3. Special factory products, special import products, and Clearance Sales.
    4. Corner trims, step nosings, floor moldings, tile adhesives, tile grouts, dry cell for flashlight, light bulbs, and fuses.
    5. Tools supplies or electric appliances.
    6. Installed or used product.
    7. Products which do not satisfy customer's taste or the problem isn’t caused by product itself.


    Required Documents

    General person

    1. Return & exchange form  Download
    2. Tax invoice/receipt (Original documents)
    3. Invoice/delivery note (Original documents)
    4. Photocopy of book bank (For return product)


    1. Return & exchange form Download
    2. Photocopy of tax invoice/receipt
    3. Photocopy of invoice/delivery note
    4. Photocopy of book bank (For return product)
    5. Photocopy of ID card
    6. Power of attorney Download
    7. Copy of Value added Tax Registration or Copy of Company Registration and Company Certification (Approved by authorized Signature)


    Refund Policy

            Refunds will be processed if product(s) meet return and exchange criteria (in case we don’t have any substitute products for exchange goods). After the cancellation of order, we will make a refund via credit card or customer bank account within 15 working days by charging 3%.